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Poetry and voice by Ellom.
Music, production and images by Peter James.

Peter James is an ambient musician, sound engineer/producer and sound designer, currently based in Cumbria, in the U.K. He is also a full-time member of the global musical collective 48cameras, whose main base is in Belgium.
Ellom is a poet, writer and illustrator originally from Tartu, Estonia. Sometimes she creates recordings of her poems, on some occasions collaborating with musician friends.
Those two have been aware of each other's work for several years now, and that awareness has grown into appreciation, friendship and collaboration.
"Yes" begins with the end of the mythical era and then tries to deal with the life in the world that "they sailed away" from. And in the end finding not a cure, but something to hold on to, a mantra perhaps, or a way of existing that has hope and light in it.

Those who choose to download this EP will receive a gift of five digital images - photos taken by Peter James at Mersehead nature reserve. Those images have been deeply inspiring for Ellom at the time of the writing of the poems used here. It may be said they share something of the mood of this EP, on a level perhaps not so obvious and clear. But first of all these are powerful images in themselves and come from a place of their own, as well as from a place of unique natural beauty and power.
The photos will be added to your download.

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contact: ellom@ellom.net



released July 23, 2011



all rights reserved


ellom and peter james Cumbria, UK

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Track Name: they sail away
They sail away to the other side of ocean
And we will never see them again
We will Never see them again
Springs and autumns
How could we count them
We could never count them
So many streets in big cities
We have
Gold and diamonds
And war machines
We have history we have our own
Shadows we know songs and
We've read books
Countless and numberless


Left us sailed away across the ocean
The longing
Is strong
Stronger than the tides
Stronger than the ways
Of our sun
We have troubles
We have joys
We have
Human history
With it they left us
How can we reach
How we need to fall to reach

Track Name: the bloody side of the moon
I've been scarred by the rage
Of the sweet soft sun
And you turn the other cheek
In your sleep
And I'm gone

I am easy to forget

My face - a blank white page
My touch - the dust
The wind dances with
My face - a blank white page

I am easy to forget

And I've smelled the sweet scent of sharp sharp knives
And I would
Curse my wanderings
If i were not
Of what may become
Track Name: 58° 21' 58" North, 26° 44' 10" East
At least I told you truthfully
How it was
The seasons
They don't do it
Any more
Spring . . . I've faked its ecstasy
To remember
How it was
Spring has always been
The worst of them all
And summer
It is torture
For anyone
Warm to the bones
I don't notice
At all
And winter
It is always
At least
I told you truthfully how it was
I don't go out
Of the dark
Any more
Track Name: two lost
Two children
Broken and lost
Fingers frozen
With fear but eyes open
Mouths open
To light
Two lost children
I found you
Did you not find
Track Name: yes.
We have all to live for
We have the silence to use
As compassion
We have the voice
When silence is murder
We have all to live for

Don't we have air
And don't we have lungs that know breathing
And even when there is less air
Each day
And even if the lungs are less with each day

All the more
All the more

We have that to live for